MarketorderCustodyAccount Data Type

JSON request body for a market order depot inition request message.

name data type constraints description
settlementAccount AccountReference required
quantity number required, min: 0, max digits: 16 (integer), 6 (fraction) The quantity for the depot. In case the order has only one depot position, the quantity must be equal to the total quantity.
Properties inherited from CustodyAccountReference
bban string required, regex: [a-zA-Z0-9]{1,30}

Basic Bank Account Number (BBAN) Identifier

This data element can be used in the body of the Consent Request Message for retrieving Account access Consent from this Account. This data elements is used for payment Accounts which have no IBAN. ISO20022: Basic Bank Account Number (BBAN).

Identifier used nationally by financial institutions, i.e., in individual countries, generally as part of a National Account Numbering Scheme(s), which uniquely identifies the account of a customer.


  "settlementAccount" : {
    "iban" : "DE27100777770209299700",
    "bban" : "BARC12345612345678",
    "pan" : "5409050000000000",
    "maskedPan" : "123456xxxxxx1234",
    "msisdn" : "+49 170 1234567",
    "currency" : "EUR"
  "quantity" : 12345.0,
  "bban" : "BARC12345612345678"