CustodyAccountDetails Data Type

Custody account details.

name data type constraints description
resourceId string   This is the data element to be used in the path when retrieving data from a dedicated account. This shall be filled, if addressable resource are created by the ASPSP on the /custody-accounts endpoint.
ownerName string max size: 140, min size: 0

Name of the legal account owner. If there is more than one owner, then e.g. two names might be noted here.

For a corporate account, the corporate name is used for this attribute. Even if supported by the ASPSP, the provision of this field might depend on the fact whether an explicit consent to this specific additional account information has been given by the PSU.

name string max size: 70, min size: 0 Name of the account, as assigned by the ASPSP, in agreement with the account owner in order to provide an additional means of identification of the account.
product string max size: 35, min size: 0 Product Name of the Bank for this account, proprietary definition.
status AccountStatus   Account status.
usage Usage   Specifies the usage of the account
details string max size: 500, min size: 0

Specifications that might be provided by the ASPSP

  • characteristics of the account
  • characteristics of the relevant card
_links LinksAccountDetails  

Links to the account, which can be directly used for retrieving account information from this dedicated account.

Links to "balances" and/or "transactions"

These links are only supported, when the corresponding consent has been already granted.

Properties inherited from CustodyAccountReference
bban string required, regex: [a-zA-Z0-9]{1,30}

Basic Bank Account Number (BBAN) Identifier

This data element can be used in the body of the Consent Request Message for retrieving Account access Consent from this Account. This data elements is used for payment Accounts which have no IBAN. ISO20022: Basic Bank Account Number (BBAN).

Identifier used nationally by financial institutions, i.e., in individual countries, generally as part of a National Account Numbering Scheme(s), which uniquely identifies the account of a customer.


  "resourceId" : "...",
  "ownerName" : "John Doe",
  "name" : "...",
  "product" : "...",
  "status" : "deleted",
  "usage" : "ORGA",
  "details" : "...",
  "_links" : {
    "balances" : {
      "href" : "/v1/payments/sepa-credit-transfers/1234-wertiq-983"
    "transactions" : {
      "href" : "/v1/payments/sepa-credit-transfers/1234-wertiq-983"
  "bban" : "BARC12345612345678"