Balance Data Type

A single balance element

name data type constraints description
balanceAmount Amount required
balanceType BalanceType required
creditLimitIncluded boolean   A flag indicating if the credit limit of the corresponding account is included in the calculation of the balance, where applicable.
lastChangeDateTime number   This data element might be used to indicate e.g. with the expected or booked balance that no action is known on the account, which is not yet booked.
referenceDate string   Indicates the date of the balance.
lastCommittedTransaction string max size: 35, min size: 0 "entryReference" of the last committed transaction to support the TPP in identifying whether all PSU transactions are already known.


  "balanceAmount" : {
    "amount" : 5877.78,
    "currency" : "EUR"
  "balanceType" : "interimAvailable",
  "creditLimitIncluded" : true,
  "lastChangeDateTime" : 12345,
  "referenceDate" : "...",
  "lastCommittedTransaction" : "..."